Rudy Hetzer

Rudy Hetzer IV is a professional tattoo artist specializing in black & grey realism and lettering. Hetzer IV is also a professional painter with an emphasis on canvas and mural art. In addition, he is an expert in mixed media, a type of visual art that combines various traditional art mediums. As seen on the HIT television show Best Ink Season 3. His work was recently featured in the popular tattoo magazine, International Tattoo and has been seen in various industry media. Hetzer grew up in Chicago and studied at the Los Angeles Arts Institute. He currently lives in Dallas and is the owner of the premiere tattoo parlor Dallas Tattoo Company. For appointment information please call the studio or email.


Mike Duncan

Mike Duncan has been tattooing over 3 years now. He was an artist from his earliest memories and spent time doing freelance illustration and fine art. He specializes in illustrative, neo and traditional. Before tattooing he spent two years teaching art and almost a decade in vocational ministry. Hit him up for all your color and illustrative tattoos.


Ary Morssuza

Ary Morssuza is an International Tattoo Artist. Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, he now resides in Dallas, Texas. He has been tattooing since 2004, but has always been involved with art, finding early inspiration in mediums such as air brush, oil paintings and comic books; Most of his initial inspiration came from artists like Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Frazzeta, Joe Justo, Dru Blair, and Alex Ross. In the tattoo industry he has a myriad of artists that inspired his career through the years like Mordenti, Andre Rodrigues, Cigano, Nikko Hurtado, Dmitry Samohin. Ary Morssuza brings to his tattoos tattoo a mix between realism, fantasy and super heroes. Check out some of his works and come to talk to him in person at Dallas Tattoo And Arts.


Damian Reign

Damian Reign is our fresh new resident artist who specializes in American Traditional, Japanese Traditional, and Neo Traditional Tattoos.


Cooper Glenn

Colorful, creative, unique trippy designs that give the eye something almost coming out of a story book that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. This LBGTQ artist is based in Dallas Tx over at DTC just waiting to add to his colorful, trippy collection.