SMU Look

Rudy was a contestant on Season 3 of Oxygens reality show “best ink”. With a background in graffiti and professional painting, Rudy has embraced tattooing as the art form that it is. He has become an expert in mixed media, though also specializes in black and grey, new-school Japanese, color bomb and lettering.

Dallas Tattoo & Arts Company has been holding down the fort in their spacious studio on the northwest side of Deep Ellum for nearly a decade! The founder and owner of Dallas Tattoo & Arts, Rudy Hetzer, wanted to create a studio space where no matter what you are creating, the quality is of the utmost importance. The artists at the studio focus on many sorts of tattoo styles such as black and white realism, lettering, classic Americana, and portraiture. Their team of expert artists will work with you to create something custom and unique to your style that you will treasure forever.