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Now, you have your fresh new tattoo, and you want to take good care of it! Here you will find instructions for aftercare, whether you have had Saniderm applied or not. It is very important that you follow these guidelines. A really beautiful tattoo can turn into a disaster if the proper aftercare is not taken; New tattoos are an open wound, and tattoo aftercare plays a critical role in how efficiently the wound heals.

With Saniderm:

Saniderm will seal in your body’s natural fluids to help reduce the healing time. 

  • Leave Saniderm on a full 24 hours (unless redness starts to show around wrap or instructed by your artist)

  • Remove Saniderm in the shower / with warm running water

  • Once removed, wash with anti-bacterial soap 3-4x daily

  • Apply ointment or cream; Aquaphor or Lubriderm lotion.


Without Saniderm

  • For at least two weeks, minimize exposure to the sun, discourage swimming

  • Properly cleanse the tattooed area; anti-bacterial soap 3-4x daily

  • Apply ointment or cream; Aquaphor or Lubriderm lotion

  • Use sterile bandage(s) or other sterile dressing(s) when necessary 

Clients shall consult a health care practitioner at the the first sign of infection or an allergic reaction, and report any undiagnosed infection, allergic reaction, or adverse reaction resulting from the tattoo to the artist and to the Texas Department of State Health Services, Drugs and Medical Devices Group, at 1-888-839-6676